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About The Record Collector

Since its first publication in 1946 The Record Collector has become one of the most respected journals on historic singers of the 78 rpm era and their recordings. It is essential reading for record collectors, historians and those who love great singing.

Our Writers and Contributors

Our writers are collectors and enthusiasts from around the world with specialist knowledge of the singing voice and the great singers of the past. Our contributors spend months, and sometimes years, gathering information on a singer and compile biographies, chronologies and discographies for our articles. As a result The Record Collector is the source on information on classical singers and their records. It is taken not only by collectors and those interested in the singing voice but by major libraries, universities and schools of music.

The Editorial Staff

The Record Collector is based in Essex in the United Kingdom.

The Editor is Larry Lustig, who has held the post since 1989. He is a collector with a special interest in singers and singing from the earliest days of recordings to the present time. He is the author of numerous articles, discographies, chronologies, sleeve notes and other documentation of the history of recorded vocal art. He has lectured in the UK and the US.

The Assistant Editor is John T. Hughes. He is a well-known writer on singers, with a special interest in artists of the post-war era. John is the author of many articles and reviews for such journals as Classic Record Collector and International Record Review and writes regularly for the website Classical Source.

The Journal

Four issues are published each year, which contain full biographies and discographies of two or more singers and articles of interest to the enthusiast, both novice and advanced. As well as familiar names, many fine singers have been covered who may not, for various reasons, have left many recordings, who did not seek fame or attain “greatness” in a career, and, therefore, have received scarce mention in the literature.

Central to our purpose is the comprehensive discography. Access to published literature, archived holdings and company recording sheets and ledgers allows us to produce discographies in greater detail than ever before. The study also unearths unpublished or privately-made records by artists, which we have often issued on our CDs.

Our Special CDs

The Record Collector releases an annual CD, which gives examples of the singers featured in the four issues. Many of the great collectors worldwide contribute rare and beautiful items from privately held collections. These annual CDs, and our other special CD editions, are exclusive to The Record Collector.

The Camaraderie

There is a special camaraderie among enthusiasts of singing and The Record Collector serves to bring them together. Many of our subscribers know each other, exchange knowledge, encourage newcomers and buy and sell records. Above all, they share a common passion and a love of singing. We welcome you to enrich your experience with The Record Collector, for more than six decades the journal of recorded vocal art.