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list of appearances in concert & oratorio (Selected)

Hull Harmonic Society

21 November, 1902: Judith (Parry) with Charles Saunders, Agnes Nicholls and Alice Lakin.

5 March, 1909 Creation (Haydn) Pts 1 & 2 with Edith Evans, Joseph Reed

16 December, 1912 Messiah with Clytie Hine, Joseph Reed, Winifred Lewis.

5 November, 1920 Faust with Carrie Tubb, Phyllis Archibald, Webster Millar

7 November, 1924 Faust with Flora Woodman

Birmingham Triennial Festival

6 October, 1909 Stabat Mater (Dvorak) with Perceval Allen, Louise Kirkby Lunn, John Harrison

Date?: The Damnation of Faust (Berlioz); cond. Hans Richter

Date?: Judas Maccabaeus (Handel) with John Coates; Richter, conducting

April 1911, B Minor Mass (Bach) with Alfred Heather

Feb., 1913 Requiem (Mozart) with Ada Forrest, Phyllis Lett

Feb., 1913 B Minor Mass (Bach) Parts 1 & 2 with Ada Forrest, Phyllis Lett

2 April, 1919 B Minor Mass (Bach) with Caroline Hatchard, Alfred Heather and Ethel Peake; cond. Hamilton Harty


10 March, 1910 Messiah with Emily Breare, Lucy Nuttall, Joseph Cheetham; cond. Mr. Dan Godfrey

Bristol Festival

late October, 1912 Elgar’s Caractacus (RR ?)

Bromley Choral Society

15 March, 1921 Verdi Requiem with Dorothy Greer, Mabel Corran, John Booth; cond. Maestro Fertel

Glasgow Choral Union

1 January, 1917 Messiah with Carrie Tubb, Louise Kirkby Lunn, Gervase Elwes

Christmas, 1918 Messiah with Flora Woodman, Edna Thornton, Gervase Elwes

Huddersfield Choral Society

29 October, 1914 Verdi Requiem with Carrie Tubb, Elsa Illingworth and FrankMullings; cond. Dr. Henry Coward

Leeds Triennial Festival

First week of October, 1913 Falstaff, a new symphonic study by Elgar; Basil Harwood’s ‘Song of May Morning’ and Hamilton Harty’s The Mystic Trumpeter: Radford with Edyth Walker, Carrie Tubb, Muriel Foster, Phyllis Lett, Gervase Elwes, John Coates, Anton van Rooy, Thorpe Bates; conds. Arthur Nikisch and H. P. Allen.

London - Handel Festival, Crystal Palace

June, 1906 Judas Maccabaeus

June, 1909 Elijah et al; with Agnes Nicholls, Clara Butt, Edith Evans, Ben Davies, Walter Hyde, Rumford and Santley, making his final appearance.

Date?: Messiah with Agnes Nicholls, Ben Davies and Clara Butt

1912, Messiah with Perceval Allen, Ben Davies, Clara Butt

23 June, 1923 Messiah with Agnes Nicholls, Ben Davies, Phyllis Lett; cond. Sir Frederic Cowen.

London - Royal Choral Society, Royal Albert Hall

April, 1910 St Matthew’s Passion. RR delivered “a splendid account” as the Redeemer.

New Year’s Eve, 1913 Messiah with Esta D’Argo, Ada Crossley, Lloyd Chandos

Good Friday, 1918 Messiah with Ruth Vincent, Phyllis Lett, Ben Davies; cond. Sir Frederick Bridge

Date?: Beethoven’s Mass in D Minor with Dorothy Silk, Ben Davies and Muriel Brunskill.

18 December, 1927 Messiah with Lilian Stiles-Allen, Parry Jones, Muriel Brunskill with London Choral Society; cond. Sir Thomas Beecham

1928 Messiah with Louise Kirkby Lunn and Ben Davies

London - Westminster Abbey

December, 1916 Elijah


20 December, 1917 Halle Messiah with Agnes Nicholls, Olga Haley, Maurice d’Oisly cond. Sir Thomas Beecham

27 March, 1919 Halle Bach’s B Minor Mass with Caroline Hatchard, Ethel Peake and Alfred Heather; cond. Hamilton Harty

February, 1922 Bach’s B Minor Mass with Caroline Hatchard, Dilys Jones and Hubert Eisdell


26-28 April, 1911 Ruth, a cantata by George Schumann, new to the Festival but successful in Germany. Here it was sung by RR, Agnes Nicholls, Kirkby Lunn and Thorpe Bates.

Three Choirs Festival

- popular annual event given in turn in the cathedrals of Gloucester, Hereford and Worcester.


8 September, 1910 Verdi Requiem with John Coates, Clementine de Vere Sapio, Edith Clegg

9 September, 1910 Messiah with Agnes Nicholls, Phyllis Lett, John Coates

11 September, 1913 Saint-Saens’ oratorio The Promised Land, set to a text from Scripture by Hermann Klein, was given with RR, Ruth Vincent, John Coates, Dorothy Silk and Alys Gear, the composer conducting. Alas, the verdict: “oldfashioned and uninspired.”

12 September, 1913 Messiah with Ruth Vincent, John Coates, Ada Crossley

Date?: Missa Solemnis

1922 Verdi Requiem/Judas Maccabaeus

10 September, 1925 Verdi Requiem with John Coates, Dorothy Silk, Astra Desmond

11 September, 1925 Messiah with John Coates, Flora Woodman, Astra Desmond

Date?: Missa Solemnis


6 September, 1921 Elijah with John Coates, Agnes Nicholls, Phyllis Lett

Date?: The Redemption (Gounod)/Bach cantata

9 September, 1924 Elijah with Agnes Nicholls, John Coates, Olga Haley

9 September, 1924 Dream Of Gerontius with John Coates, Astra Desmond


11 September, 1908 Messiah with Agnes Nicholls, Clara Butt, John Coates

1909 Creation/Missa Solemnis

13 September, 1911 Parsifal Act III with Coates, William Higley

Date?: Stabat Mater (Palestrina) with John Coates, Cicely Gleeson-White, Le Mar, Alice Lakin, Sara Silvers, Gervase Elwes and Frederick Ranalow.

Date?: Beethoven Symphony No. 9

Date?: St. Matthew’s Passion with Agnes Nicholls, Louise Kirkby Lunn, Gervase Elwes

Date?: Messiah with Agnes Nicholls, Louise Kirkby Lunn, Gervase Elwes

1912 Dream of Gerontius/St. Matthew’s Passion/Parsifal Act III

1920 St. Matthew’s Passion/Dream of Gerontius

10 September, 1920 Messiah with Fifine de la Cote, Phyllis Lett, John Coates

6 September, 1923 Dream of Gerontius with John Coates, Olga Haley

7 September, 1923 Messiah with Lilian Stiles-Allen, John Coates, Astra Desmond

10 September, 1926 Messiah with John Coates, Elsie Suddaby, Muriel Brunskill

Date?: Bach Cantata

1927 Beethoven Ninth Symphony

1928 Verdi Requiem

1930 Bach B Minor Mass

The Brahms Requiem and Handel’s Acis and Galatea were performed but venues and dates have not been identified.

ROBERT RADFORD: list of appearances, principally operatic

(Radford usually sang works in English translation)

1899 Norwich Festival La Damnation de Faust (Berlioz) RR as Brander with Emma Albani, Edward Lloyd and Andrew Black

February, 1900 Nottingham Sacred Harmonic Society The Martyr Of Antioch (Sullivan) cond. Henry Wood

November, 1910 Nottingham Tannhäuser (Paris version) Acts 1 & 2 (Heard for the first time in England.)

1901, Birmingham - Concert with Nellie Melba

2 May, 1904 Covent Garden, Don Giovanni RR as Commendatore with Maurice Renaud (Giovanni), Marcel Journet (Leporello), Emmy Destinn (Donna Anna), Thomas Salignac (Don Ottavio), Suzanne Adams (Donna Elvira), Alice Nielsen (Zerlina), Charles Gilibert (Masetto); cond. Hans Richter

1905 Proms Concert (Centenary of Trafalgar) ‘Rocked in the cradle of the deep’

Late, 1905 Sheffield: Three Towns Faust Concert RR as Méphistophélès with Caroline Hatchard (Marguerite), Madam Orlando Morgan, Gwilym Richards and Arthur Walenn; cond. Dr. S. Weekes

12 September, 1906 Proms Concert with Kathleen Chipman:
RR: ‘Arise, Ye subterranean winds’ from The Tempest (Purcell)
KC: ‘Ah, Perfido!’ (Beethoven)

December, 1906 Adelina Patti’s Farewell Concert, Albert Hall, London

Winter Opera Season In English At Covent Garden, 27 Jan. - 8 Feb. 1908

27 January & 3 February, 1908 The Rhinegold RR as Fasolt with Clarence Whitehill (Wotan), Charles Knowles (Donner), Walter Hyde (Froh), E.C. Hedmondt (Loge), Thomas Meux (Alberich), Mime (Hans Bechstein, Francis Harford (Fafner), Borghild Bryhn (Fricka), Christine D’Almayne (Freia), Edna Thornton (Erda/Flosshilde), Leonora Sparkes (Woglinde), Caroline Hatchard (Wellgunde); cond. Dr. Hans Richter

28 January & 4 February, 1908 The Valkyrie RR as Hunding with Walter Hyde (Siegmund), Clarence Whitehill (Wotan), Borghild Bryhn (Brünnhilde), Agnes Nicholls (Sieglinde), Maud Santley (Fricka), Caroline Hatchard (Gerhilde); cond. Dr. Hans Richter

Royal Opera Season, 30 Apr. - 31 July, 1908

23 May & 12, 22 June, 25 July 1908 Aida RR as the King with Emmy Destinn (Aida), Giovanni Zenatello (Radames), Louise Kirkby Lunn (Amneris), Antonio Scotti (Amonasro), Angelo Scandiani (Ramfis); cond. Giuseppe Campanini

6, 10 June, 1908 Armide (Gluck) (Sung in German) RR as Aronte with Emmy Destinn (Armide), Peter Cornelius (Rinaldo), Louise Kirkby Lunn (Der Hass), Frederic Austin (Hidraot), Caroline Hatchard (Sidonie/Eine Naïade), Edna Thornton (Phenice/Lucinde, Walter Hyde (Dänischer Ritter), Charles Delmuth (Ubald), Kurt Nietan (Artemidor); cond. Dr. Hans Richter

2 May, 1908 Lucia di Lammermoor RR as Raimondo with Luisa Tetrazzini (Lucia), John McCormack/Alessandro Bonci (Edgardo), Mario Sammarco (Enrico); cond. Giuseppe Campanini + 5 more

16, 27 January & 4 February, 1909 The Rhinegold RR as Fasolt with Clarence Whitehill (Wotan), Charles Knowles (Donner), Maurice d’Oisly (Froh), Walter Hyde (Loge), Thomas Meux (Alberich), Denis Byndon Ayres (Mime), Francis Harford (Fafner), Cicely Gleeson-White (Fricka), Edith Evans (Freia), Edna Thornton (Erda/Flosshilde), Alice Prowse (Woglinde), Caroline Hatchard (Wellgunde); cond. Dr. Hans Richter

27 Jan. & 5 Feb., 1909 The Angelus (Naylor), RR as Abbot Tunstall with Florence Easton (Beatrice), Francis MacLennan (Francis), Claude Flemming (Lutteral), Edith Clegg (Catherine), Edna Thornton (Death), Cicely GleesonWhite (Sylvia), Alice Prowse (A Nymph), Charles Knowles (1st Monk), Albert Garcia (2nd Monk), Campbell Carr (1st Villager); cond. Percy Pitt

18, 28 January & 6 February, 1909 The Valkyrie RR as Hunding with Minnie Saltzmann-Stevens (Brünnhilde), Walter Hyde (Siegmund), Cicely Gleeson-White (Fricka), Rachel Frease-Green (Sieglinde), Clarence Whitehill (Wotan), Edith Evans (Ortlinde), Caroline Hatchard (Gerhilde); cond. Dr. Hans Richter

9 February, 1909 The Mastersingers RR as Pogner with Rachel Frease-Green, Edna Thornton/Edith Clegg, Walter Hyde, Maurice d’Oisly, Helge Nissen, Thomas Meux, Charles Knowles, Albert Garcia, Peter Dawson, Francis Harford, Arthur Royd; cond. Dr. Hans Richter + 3 more

Birmingham Festival 5-8 October, 1909 La Damnation de Faust (Berlioz) RR as Brander with Emma Albani, Edward Lloyd, Andrew Black

Edinburgh, 28 February - 12 March, 1910 The Ring (2 cycles)

28 February 1910 The Rhinegold RR as Fasolt with Frederic Austin (Wotan), Charles Knowles (Donner), Wiliiam Boland (Froh), E. C. Hedmondt (Loge), Sydney Russell (Mime), Francis Harford (Fafner), Marie Alexander (Fricka), Florence Easton (Freia), Edna Thornton (Erda), Rhinemaidens (Caroline Hatchard, Lilian Coomber, Edna Thornton); cond. Michael Balling + 1 more

29 February, 1910 The Valkyrie RR as Hunding with Francis Maclennan (Siegmund), Florence Easton (Sieglinde), Agnes Nicholls (Brünnhilde), Marie Alexander (Fricka); cond. Michael Balling + 1 more

Thomas Beecham Opera Comique Season at His Majesty’s Theatre, London, 12 May - 30 July, 1910

12, 13, 14, 16, 21 May, 1910 The Tales of Hoffmann RR as Schlemil with John Coates, Nora D’Argel (Olympia), Zelie de Lussan (Giulietta), Ruth Vincent (Antonia), Frederic Austin; cond. Hamish MacCunn

26, 31 May, 1910 Shamus O’Brien (C.V. Stanford) RR as Father O’Flynn, Caroline Hatchard (Kitty), Albert Archdeacon (Shamus), John Bardsley (Captain Trevor), Joseph O’Mara (Mike Murphy), Reginald Scrope-Quintin (Sgt. Cox), Edith Evans (Nora O’Brien), Carrie Tubb (Banshee); cond. Hamish MacCunn

20, 25, 29 mat, 30 June, 1910 Entführung aus dem Serail RR as Osmin with Alice Verlet (Constanze), Maggie Teyte (Blonde), Hans Lissmann (Belmonte), John Bardsley (Pedrillo), Alex Calvert (Selim); cond. Thomas Beecham 9, 13 July, 1910 Feuersnot (Strauss) (aka Beltane Fires, St. John’s Eve) RR as Ortolf Sentlinger, Wilson Pembroke (Schweiker), Maude Fay (Diemut), Mark Oster (Kunrad), Harry Dearth (Jörg Pöschel), Lewys James (Hamerlein), Herbert Langley (Kunz), Lena Maitland (Elsbeth), Stella Phelps (Wigells), Lilian Coomber (Margret), Edith Evans (Ursula), Arthur Wynn (Kofel), Denis Byndon-Ayres (Ruger Aspeck), Caroline Hatchard (Walpurg), Leon de Sousa (Ortlieb), Gwen Trevitt (Ein grosses Mädchen); cond. Thomas Beecham

11 July, 1910 - ditto exc. Frederic Austin as Kunrad
15 July, 1910 - ditto exc. Edith Evans as Diemut, Frederic Austin as Kunrad
22 July, 1910 - 9 July cast exc. Edith Evans as Diemut, Frederic Austin as Kunrad, Stella Godwin as Ursula.

Thomas Beecham Grand Opera Season at Covent Garden

3 Oct.-31 Dec. 1910

3 October, 1910 Hamlet (Thomas) (In French) RR as Claudius, with Clarence Whitehill (Hamlet), Mignon Nevada (Ophélie), Zelie De Lussan (Queen), Walter Hyde (Laertes); cond. Luigi Camilieri

5, 11, October, 1910 Tiefland (d’Albert) (in English) RR as Tommaso with Frederic Austin (Sebastiano), Maggie Teyte (Nuri), John Coates (Pedro), Maurice d’Oisly (Nando), Lewys James (Moruccio), Carrie Tubb (Pepa), Muriel Terry (Marta), Stella Phelps (Rosalia), Lena Maitland (Antonia), Blanche Fox (Rosalia), The Priest (Arthur Wynn); cond. T. Beecham

14, 16 November, 1910 + 1 - ditto exc. cond. Cuthbert Hawley

8 October, 1910 Tristan und Isolde as King Marke; cond. Alfred Hertz

2 November, 1910 -ditto exc. Gustav Forchhammer (Tristan), Edyth Walker (Isolda), Clarence Whitehill (Kurwenal), Perceval Allen (Brangane), Maurice d’Oisly (Melot/Sailor), Denis Byndon-Ayres; cond. Thomas Beecham
15 November, 1910 - ditto exc Jacques Urlus (Tristan), Thila Plaichinger (Isolde)
19 November, 1910 - ditto exc Ernst Kraus (Tristan), Thila Plaichinger (Isolde), Leon de Sousa (Shepherd)
1 December, 1910 - ditto exc Kraus (Tristan), Felia Litvinne (Isolde), Marie Goetze (Brangane), Leon de Sousa (Shepherd)

27, 31 October, 1910 Don Giovanni RR as Commendatore with Cicely Gleeson-White (Anna), Perceval Allen (Elvira), Ruth Vincent (Zerlina), Giuseppe De Luca (Don Giovanni), Murray Davey (Leporello), Walter Hyde (Ottavio), Arthur Wynn (Masetto); cond. Thomas Beecham

29 Oct, 3 Nov, 8 Dec., 1910 The Marriage Of Figaro RR as Dr. Bartolo with Elizabeth Amsden (Countess), Lewys James (Figaro), Clarence Whitehill (Count), Maggie Teyte (Cherubino), Beatrice La Palme (Susanna), Carrie Tubb (Marcellina), Betty Booker (Barbarina); cond. T. Beecham ( one with Hawley)

8 December, 1910 Salome (First in England) RR as First Cappadocian (or Arthur Wynn, Charles Knowles) with Aino Ackté, Ernst Kraus, Ottilie Metzger (Herodias), Clarence Whitehill (Prophet), Maurice d’Oisly (Narraboth), Edna Thornton (page); cond. T. Beecham
10, 12, 20, 26, 28, 29, 31 December, 1910 - ditto

The Ernst Denhof Opera Company - Tour

Leeds, 28 March, 1911 The Rhinegold RR as Fasolt with Frederic Austin (Wotan), Charles Knowles (Donner), Wilson Pembroke (Froh), Walter Hyde (Loge), Charles Victor (Alberich), Sydney Russell (Mime), Gaston Sargent (Fafner), Toni Seiter (Fricka), Kate Anderson (Freia), Edna Thornton (Erda), Alice Prowse, Lilian Coomber, Edna Thornton (Rhinemaidens); Cond. Michael Balling Manchester, 3 April, 1911 – ditto; Glasgow, 11 April, 1911 - ditto

Leeds, 29 March, 1911 The Valkerie [sic] RR as Hunding with Walter Hyde (Siegmund), Frederic Austin (Wotan), Florence Easton (Sieglinde), Cecily Gleeson-White (Brünnhilde), Toni Seiter (Fricka); Cond. Michael Balling
Manchester, 4 April, 1911 - ditto exc Agnes Nicholls (Brünnhilde)
Glasgow, 12 April, 1911 - ditto exc Nicholls (Brünnhilde)

23 -27 Oct., 1912 Bristol Festival, Wagner’s Ring In English, in concert RR with Agnes Nicholls, Percevel Allen, Marion Beeley, Edith Clegg, Peter Cornelius, Lloyd Chandos, Morgan Kingston, Hans Bechstein, Clarence Whitehill.

Early 1913, Bristol The Flying Dutchman (Concert version) RR as Daland with Perceval Allen (Senta), Charles Knowles (Dutchman), Maurice d’Oisly (Erik); cond. Harold Bernard

1913 The Denhof-Beecham Tour

(Fiasco!) (Abandoned after Week 1 in Manchester; resumed in Sheffield on 13 October.)

Birmingham, 18, 23 September, 1913 Tristan und Isolde RR as King Mark with Frank Mullings (Tristan), Cicely Gleeson-White (Isolde), Lena Maitland (Brangäne), Charles Knowles (Kurwenal); cond. Thomas Beecham
Manchester, 30 September, 1913 - ditto
Sheffield, 13 October, 1913 - ditto
Liverool, 28 October, 1913 - ditto exc cond. Schilling-Ziemssen
Newcastle, 10 November, 1913 - same as 18 September

Sheffield, 18 October, 1913 The Mastersingers RR as Veit Pogner, Elizabeth Schiller (Eva), Frederic Austin (Hans Sachs), Lewys James (Beckmesser), Charles Knowles (Kothner), Walter Hyde (Walther), Hans Bechstein (David), Marion Beeley (Magdalene); cond. Thomas Beecham
Manchester, 8 November, 1913 - ditto exc. Ranalow (Sachs)
Newcastle, 15 November, 1913 - ditto exc. Ranalow (Sachs)
Edinburgh, 29 November, 1913 - ditto exc. C. Hatchard (Eva)

Leeds, 20 October, 1913 The Rhinegold RR as Fasolt with Charles Knowles (Wotan), Walter Hyde (Loge), Lewys James (Alberich), Arthur Pacyna (Fafner), Maud Santley (Fricka), Marion Beeley (Erda), Joseph Ireland (Donner), Jacques Skrobisch), Hans Bechstein (Mime), Gertrude Bromfield (Freia), Eveline Matthews (Woglinde), Ida Cooper (Wellgunde), Wena Pickering (Flosshilde); cond. T. Beecham.
Manchester, 3 November, 1913 - ditto
Edinburgh, 24 November, 1913 - ditto

Leeds, 21 October, 1913 The Valkyrie RR as Hunding with Walter Hyde (Siegmund), Elizabeth Schiller (Sieglinde), Frederic Austin (Wotan), Cicely Gleeson-White (Brünnhilde), Maud Santley (Fricka); cond. Thomas Beecham
Edinburgh, 25 November, 1913 - ditto

Leeds, 24 October, 1913 Götterdämmerung, RR as Hagen with Walter Hyde (Siegfried), Frederick Ranalow (Gunther), Lewys James (Alberich), Cicely Gleeson-White (Brünnhilde), Gertrude Blomfield (Gutrun); cond. Thomas Beecham
Edinburgh, 28 November, 1913 - ditto

Leeds, 25 October, 1913 The Magic Flute, RR listed in the calendar as Sarastro although Robert Maitland had sung in previous performances. If RR sang he did so with Caroline Hatchard (Queen of the Night), Gertrude Blomfield (Pamina), Margaret Vincent (Papagena), Frederick Blamey (Tamino), Frederick Ranalow (Papageno), Hans Bechstein (Monostatos), Frederic Austin (Speaker); cond. Thomas Beecham

London Choral Society at Queen’s Hall, London

1 April, 1914 Parsifal (Wagner) (Concert performance, London’s first in English) RR as Gurnemanz, John Coates (Parsifal), Carrie Tubb (Kundry), Dawson Freer (Titurel and Klingsor), London Symphony Orchestra, cond. Arthur Fagge.

Sir Joseph Beecham Season at Drury Lane, London

4, 9, 17 July, 1914 Dylan (Joseph Holbrooke), RR as Govannion with Frederic Austin (Dylan), Frank Mullings (Gwyddno), Edmund Burke (Sea King), Robert Maitland (Gwydion), Frederick Ranalow (Seithenon), Doris Woodall (Elan); cond. Thomas Beecham

Beecham’s Season at Shaftesbury Theatre,

Part I - 2 Oct - 11 Dec. 1915 Faust RR as Mephistopheles

Part II - 26 Dec., 1915 - 26 Feb., 1916. RR ?

26 January, 1916 Wakefield and District Choral Society, The Wake of O’Connor (Hubert Bath) RR with Miss Felissa, Eva Rogers, Herbert Teale

4 March, 1916 Bournemouth Dan Godfrey’s Annual Concert RR with Margaret Cooper, Eileen Boyd with Mark Hambourg and Edward German.

9 March, 1916 Halle Concert, Manchester
Götterdämmerung Act 3, Sc 1 & 2 RR as Hagen with Walter Hyde (Siegfried)

Meistersinger: Pogner’s Address & Quintet RR as Pogner with Agnes Nicholls (Eva), Walter Hyde (Walther)


Much of Radford’s later career was taken up with his stalwart appearances with the Beecham Opera Company and the British National Opera Company. Lack of space precludes a complete listing of his appearances with these companies, which undertook regular tours throughout Great Britain, performing in such cities as Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield, Leeds, Edinburgh and major London venues like Covent Garden, Aldwych Theatre and Drury Lane. However, the following is a list of the roles Radford sang with each:

BOC (1916-1919): Sarastro, King Mark, Friar Lawrence, Osmin, Mephistopheles, Father (Louise), Boris, King Henry (Lohengrin) and Bartolo (Le Nozze di Figaro)

BNOC (1922-1929): Sarastro, King Mark, Friar Lawrence, Osmin, Mephistopheles, Father (Louise), Boris, King Henry, Bartolo, Ramfis, Pogner, Fasolt (?), Hunding, Hagen, King Dodon, Gurnemanz and Basilio (Barbiere)